Feed Flows


Increase your web presence with relevant and engaging content on your website and in social media

FeedFlows is a web marketing tool utilizing machine learning to deliver highly engaging content to your website and social media on a specific topic cluster. 

Our system allows you to mix and match content feeds and licensed content of all types to produce simple code snippets, post directly to social media, or get regular email notifications,  Using complex algorythms, the system learns the information that you and your clients react to most, to deliver the most valuable content first.


Feed Flows is great for:

  • Educating staff on industry specific information
  • Increase SEO with additional trending and relevant website content
  • Supplementing social media strategies with trending and relevant information
  • Creating social sharing circles with similiar or complimentary companies
  • Providing value added information to your end-users

How it Works


Use a simple interface to pull various data feeds into our standard content system including RSS, XML, Json, API, or other Feed Flows. Choose from different scheduling options for pulling and archiving your content.


Create filtered categories to organize your content imported from feeds, or input content directly into the system. Our filters use artificial intelligence combining key words, trends, and content performance to better organize your content.


Make your content available for syndication, share to social media, and/or specific clients. You define who can see use your feeds. Users can download code snippets in various layouts and functions to put directly on their website, share to social media, or get automated emails.

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Post Directly to Social Media

Delivered Directly to your Email Inbox