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Reliable Application Development in a Fast Paced Industry

Our developers have a deep knowledge of the underlying technologies, while still keeping up with the latest industry trends and standards.

Custom Applications
Our developers utlize the Microsoft .NET platform to produce high functioning data driven applications that stand the test of time.

Kentico Expertise
We are certified developers with over 6 years experience on the Kentico CMS platform.  We have hosted and maintained the infrastructure for over 600 kentico sites.
Our development team can help you quickly build out a decision tree for a website chatbot to provide quality customer service and streamline your daily tasks.

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            Day in the Life of a Senior Software Engineer on the Photo Publishing Team

Day in the Life of a Senior Software Engineer on the Photo Publishing Team

Illustration by Claire MerchlinskyGaby Marraro works primarily on Loupe, the tool that photo editors use to work with the entire New York Times photo archive, with the goal of making the report more visual and engaging.8:15 a.m.I start off most mornings by taking my dog, Goose, to Prospect Parks off-leash hours. Its dogĀ heaven!Goose and me at Prospect Park lastĀ fall9 a.m.When we get back from the...

What Is SDLC? Understand the Software Development Life Cycle

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) refers to a methodology with clearly defined processes for creating high-quality software. in detail, the SDLC methodology focuses on the following phases of software development: Requirement analysis Planning Software design such as architectural design Software development Testing Deployment This article will explain how SDLC works, dive deeper in each...

Microsoft previews Visual Studio Code for the Web

Microsoft has unveiled a preview of Visual Studio Code for the Web, a hosted, lightweight version of its popular code editor that runs fully serverless in the users web browser.Available at vscode.dev, VS Code for the Web enables local development scenarios including viewing and editing local files and quickly taking notes in Markdown. Developers also can build client-side HTML, JavaScript, and C...

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